Traveller or Tourist?

When is travelling, travelling?

I used to think travelling was defined by a long journey, probably backpacking during a gap year, a succession of long trips or “ seasons” working in different countries. So when is a “holiday” travelling and when is a tourist a “traveller”?

Tourist seems to have become a dirty word, like it somehow makes us ordinary when we’d like to be extraordinary…so what’s the difference? The definition of the word tourist is “A person who is travelling or visiting a place for pleasure”, whereas the definition of traveller is “A person who is travelling or who often travels” so not much difference. Having multiple holidays over our lifetime makes many of us a traveller AND a tourist, so I guess I’m both.


Botswana 2014

Travel for life?

Do you really want to travel for a living? Whether it’s working abroad as a sports instructor, a holiday rep or other overseas job, it’s still work and you may not get to see as much of a country as you like. Travel bloggers have to work really hard to keep up their following and earnings to fund or attract paid trips. Writing and creating content for websites and social media takes a considerable amount of time; they invariably work long hours and may have to endorse products…. can personal ethics really be maintained when you have bills to pay and places to go? The travel bloggers I follow keep a good balance of content to marketing, 80%+ true content seems reasonable right? The ones whose posts are all about “how to live a digital lifestyle” and “see how I make money from my blog” if you click this link or “pay x”, don’t interest me; I want to know about places and experiences, which is the reason to follow in the first place.

Yordie Sands @ Blogging in Second Life 2014Work hard – Play hard?

I choose to work first and travel second for 3 reasons.

  1. Whilst I love to travel I also want to spend time with family and friends, I also enjoy my home by the sea and have a beautifully comfortable bed.
  2. I like working and my job, it keeps my brain in gear.
  3. Working enables me to be a traveller. A regular income is important in helping me budget (something I’m personally terrible at despite my job in Financial Services) and pay for trips, particularly to more expensive destinations like Botswana which may not be possible on a part-time travel income.


Travel Goals – Bucket List or not?

A few years ago I set myself the goal of travelling to every continent (based on 7), I’ve now been to Europe, North America, Asia, Africa and Australia and I still have South America and Antarctica on my list. However, my approach has changed. Once eager to get the list done as quickly as possible with a “might get run over by a bus” mentality (probably stems from actually being run over in 2006…luckily not by a bus!), I’ve now relaxed the pressure on myself, why not go where I want rather than having a specific goal in mind that has to be done as quickly as possible. I still want to go to Venezuela and Chile and I’d like to go to the Antarctic (it’s soooo expensive), but there are other places I want to see first; and if that bus moment happens? Well I enjoy life and always aim to make the most of every day so no regrets.

Combining different goals is now my alternative. I mix travelling and other adventures into activities for the year, with the aim to complete as many as possible. See my post for 15 for 2015 and here’s my 14 for 2014.

14 for 2014