I want to be a mermaid, so I went to Copenhagen

When I was young I had a book called the Sad Little Mermaid…well actually I still have it!


Since then I’ve been fascinated with mermaids and love the films Splash and The Little Mermaid. So when looking for a city break where else could I choose, but the home of Hans Christian Andersen the author of The Little Mermaid. I booked the flight and hotel through Expedia UK and stayed at the Island Hotel.

I’m not a typical “see everything in the guidebook” type of tourist, I like to wander about without much of a plan. But I had to visit the Little Mermaid and Hans Christian Andersen statues and go to Nyhavn. I hired a “gobike” and peddled around. Here’s a quick glimpse of my weekend.

Me and HC Andersen


Me in Nyhavn

The gorgeous Little Mermaid

Me and my girl

I’d heard about a place in Copenhagen called Christiania, I didn’t know a lot about it other than it was a “freetown” and worth a visit. It was somewhat of a surprise to smell cannabis as soon as I walked though this entrance….

Beware here be dragons

I found Christiania peaceful and felt perfectly safe to wander about, even if I was told off by a man in a ski mask at “Pusher Street” for taking this photo…well I had walked right past a “no photo” sign and didn’t spot the one on the wall!

Pusher Street in Freetown Christiania

Pusher Street Christiania

There’s some great graffiti art in Christiania.

Mural in Freetown Christiania Copenhagen

Mural in Freetown Christiania

Houses in Christiania Copenhagen

Amazing house in Christiania

Public toilets in Christiania Copenhagen

The loos in Christiania

Homes in Christiania

Who lives in a “house” like this?

The homes look rustic on the outside, I imagine scandi-chic within.

Scandi Chic in Christiania

Scandi Chic in Christiania

Scandi-chic in Christiania

Homes in Christiania

I didn’t manage to book a table at Noma…but I did get Smorrebrod.

smorrebrod in copenhagen

Smorrebrod – beef and horseradish cream with pickles

I still want to be a mermaid, and with cheap flights from Norwegian Air I throughly recommend a quick trip to Denmark. I’m now hoping to visit all the Nordic countries.

Which nordic country would you visit?


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