Buying a Campervan

Buying a camper van takes some consideration…how I chose René the Campervan?

After years of wanting to buy a Campervan I finally took the plunge this year. It had taken several months of searching to find the right camper. I’d been looking on Gumtree, Ebay and in classified ads for some time. I looked at Bongos and the Ford Freda which is basically a Bongo with a Ford badge, some Renault Holdsworth conversions, but decided to narrow down the search to Citroen Romahomes due to their reputation for longevity and ease of use; for instance parking in a normal parking space and fitting under barriers. I did some homework on prices and things to look out for, which are not many in terms of the Romahome, then I got to work on my search. I found a few on Trovit and Gumtree but most were either a long way from East Sussex, overpriced or had very high mileage.

Test driving the Camper!

After previously viewing a Mazda Bongo and a Renault Campervan with my brother (who is lovely and helpful by the way), I decided to view this Romahome on my own. i didn’t want any tyre-kicking to influence my decision and I already had a good feeling about it from the pictures, description and my conversation with the ebayer. My gut instinct is usually reliable and the viewing went well. I met the seller at his home, had a test drive and a through inspection of the campervan. My impression was although getting on in years he (yes he, named René on the spot!), was in good condition and was worth the asking price.

Bringing him home

I stopped to take this photo on the drive home, super happy Karen…exciting times ahead for me and René!

Driving René home !! :)

Driving René home !! 🙂