16 for 2016 – Quarterly update

How am I doing on my 16 for 2016? Checking in with my list after the first quarter of the year, what have I achieved?

A reminder of the list of challenges and activities for 2016.

  • Visit 1 more Nordic country
  • Make 2k erg in less than 9 minutes
  • Climb 3 peaks (any peaks, hills etc)
  • Spot 4 new cool things whilst diving, fish, invertebrates, plants etc
  • Take 5 Photos of the Northern Lights (fingers crossed)
  • Read all 6 Jane Austin
  • Take 7 trips in René
  • Visit my 8th African country
  • Try 9 new foods
  • Lose 10 pounds (not £)
  • Write at least 11 blog posts
  • Have 12 special days with family and friends, parties, days out etc
  • Record 13 days of gratitude
  • Attend 14 “things”, shows, exhibitions, fairs, festivals etc
  • Walk 15 Miles of the South Downs Way
  • Do 16 good deeds



Number 1: Visit a new Nordic Country. In March I went to Norway for a long weekend, as well as seeing the Northern Lights which you can read about here, I also went to the Polar Museum, ate lots of yummy food and tried cross country skiing (which I was great at btw 😉 )

16 for 2016 16 for 2016

Number Four: Spot 4 new cool things whilst diving, fish, invertebrates, plants etc. I was diving in the Maldives in the new year (read about it here) and saw a plethora of new things. These are the 4 top ones:

  • Gray Shark
  • Hawksbill Turtle
  • Clown Trigger Fish
  • Fimbriated Moray

Number Five: Take 5 photos of the Northern Lights. I was lucky enough to see the northern lights on a very cloudy evening in Tromso Norway. 5 Photos? Okay I took about 50! Most of which were blurry, you see some of the best ones here.

In progress:


Number Two: Make 2k erg in less than 9 minutes. I’ve gone from 10.10 in November to 9.10 in March, not exactly fast but getting there.

Number six: Read all 6 Jane Austin. So far I’ve read Emma, and I’m now part way through Sense and Sensibility. Am I enjoying this? Not particularly, I preferred the book about Helen Lloyd cycling through Siberia if I’m honest!

Number Nine: Try 9 new foods. I’ve possibly eaten more new things than I think (note to be a more mindful eater!), but one definite new food is Reindeer! Sorry Rudolph.

16 for 2016


Number Eleven: Write at least 11 blog posts. This is my third this year so I’m pretty much on track.

Number Twelve: Have 12 special days with family and friends. Easter Monday dinner with the fam-a-lam and Ant’s 40th birthday party make 2. I think I need to start ramping this up!

Number Thirteen: Record 13 days of gratitude. So far I’m only managed 1. Need to step this up a gear!

Number Fourteen: Attend 14 “things”, shows, exhibitions, fairs, festivals: Only one so far but have some planned. The Destinations Show at Olympia was fuel to the travel bug fire….and I bumped into an old friend, awesome!

Number Sixteen: Do 16 good deeds. I may have done more, but I’ve counted 2; including buying a homeless man coffee and sandwich and helping someone with their CV, I need to be a bit nicer for the rest of the year.

Anything else? I’m working on Number Seven. René has had a spring wash this morning.

Did you keep your New Year Resolutions and challenges?