15 for 2015 – New Year Resolutions?

New Year Resolutions?

Nope!! For the past 2 years I have been setting myself personal challenges for the year, rather than resolutions that I’m unlikely to keep. Here’s my list “15 for 2015”:

  1. Visit somewhere I haven’t been
  2. Catch a fish for my dinner – line caught
  3. Cycling weekend or longer
  4. Learn to actually edit my Go Pro Video collection and use them
  5. Dive somewhere new
  6. Swim in the sea at least 15 times
  7. Toyboy!
  8. Read at least 15 travel books
  9. Go to 15 live events
  10. Paragliding
  11. Host a beach BBQ
  12. Learn a new sport
  13. TBA
  14. Naked swim
  15. Continue to use Facebook as my life diary and memory keeper

An update on completed activities will be published shortly…. Including the reveal for number 13!

Please comment with ideas for my 16 for 2016