15 for 2015 – 15 Travel Books

In January I “gave in” and bought a Kindle, I’d decided it made more sense than attempting to lug books on my journeys and as part of my 15 for 2015 I’d challenged myself to read 15 travel books. It’s now October and I’ve read 26, so I thought I’d share thoughts on my top five.

Picking five was really difficult, because with the exception of one or two they were all excellent. If you’d like information about any of the other books please contact me, the full list is at the bottom of this post. Please comment if you’d like to recommend a travel book.

Casting Off: How a City Girl Found Happiness on the High Seas

Ever wanted to “jack in” the day job and follow your dreams? Emma did just that! She quit working long hours in London as a journalist; and answered an advert in a sailing forum. The ad was from a random man and cat, who were on his boat in Borneo with plans to sail around Asia and onto New Zealand. I love the fact Emma just went for it…. although it wasn’t without problems. From cruising Asia, crewing a super yacht in the Med to trying to avoid pirates off the coast of Africa. This book is funny, engaging, fast paced and superbly written, I really want to know what happened next!

Desert Snow – One Girl’s Take On Africa By Bike

Now this really is courageous solo travel. The book charts Helen’s journey from the UK to Cape Town via Mali, the River Niger and Congo, including poor roads, some horrible weather and several “incidents”. Her honest account shows that whilst not without danger, West Africa is not the scary place it’s made out to be. I also love the way she finds it so easy to make instant friends, maybe it’s because she likes a beer?

Kamikaze Kangaroos!: 20,000 Miles Around Australia. One Van, Two Girls… And An Idiot

Tony’s books are hilarious, this is my favourite. Crossing Australia in a campervan…yes please. Mechanical problems, very random jobs done badly, love, adventure and lots of fun. We see Tony travel with his Sister and her best friend in “Rusty”, a beat up minivan that’s rather ‘handy’. Tony has a way with words, who else makes “bedroom eyes” at a bacon sarnie?

Free Country: A Penniless Adventure the Length of Britain

I’m going to let you into a little secret…my Dad has never read a book, until this one! After hearing me laugh out loud at this book he picked up my Kindle and read Free Country from start to finish. I should be amazed but then it’s a great book. George and Ben decide to travel from Land’s End to John O’Groats…. what’s so special about LEJOG I hear you say? Well they started in union jack boxer shorts and nothing else! Could they cycle to John O’Groats without spending a penny? The generosity of “Great Britains” is pretty astounding, love it.

The Year of Living Danishly: Uncovering the Secrets of the World’s Happiest Country

This one surprised me. Why are the Danes so damn happy? Helen does an excellent job of explaining why by documenting her year of living in Denmark and there’s Lego so what’s not to like. It’s also inspired me to visit Denmark, I want some Hygge.

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